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The Partnering Group is an exclusive organization of promotional product companies with over $275 million dollars in buying power.

We use our collective strength to provide you with the latest industry information and exclusive special offers on promotional products. When you select a TPG distributor company to be on your marketing team, you are taking advantage of TPG collective buying and creative power. We bring you access to the knowledge base of hundreds of Promotional Consultants and a billion dollars worth of manufacturing capacity and decorating expertise. Best of all you're working with a creative professional who is trained to bring you the best our industry can offer!

TPG Partners work together to share business experiences, leverage purchasing power, and literally help shape the industry. And because we know the value of building our partnership, we are always interested in speaking with “like minded” companies that share our common vision and are driven by success through this kind of relationship. If you’re that kind of company and want to explore the possibilities.

Education – TPG produces an annual professional development and sales seminar. Salespeople and owners come together for an event which is second to none featuring TPG suppliers and relevant and dynamic industry educational components.

Annual Sales Show - Meet with suppliers one on one in 20 minute sessions to learn how they can partner with you to meet and hopefully exceed your clients expectations. The location of the show moves around and past sales conference locations include: Clearwater Beach, New Orleans, St. Louis, Washington DC, Nashville and Chicago.

Buying Power & Rebates – TPG encompasses over 160+ sales professionals and $275 million plus of buying power, a benefit to both TPG Supplier and Distributor members. This coupled with year-end rebates equates to some sizable potential savings.

Synergy – TPG members combine and leverage their successes and failures to collectively raise awareness among the membership, as well as sharpen procedures and cross-pollinate both business practices and creative information.

Communications – TPG ideas link is an open and safe communication channel between TPG Distributor and Supplier members. Here we can exchange ideas, offer assistance, view special monthly/quarterly deals, and make product recommendations.

Supplier Considerations - TPG’s commitment to Supplier members yields special price considerations, first-look at new products, dedicated key account customer service representatives, collective rebates, free catalogs and flyers, no charge or discounted samples, complimentary spec sample and self-promo offerings, custom printed catalog covers and access to factory creative consultants and sales trainers.

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